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About Us


Medical Assist Solutions is a Kenyan-founded Company that offers specified Medical Support services as needed by our wide range of clients including, Oil and Gas, mining, Building and construction works, government, corporate clients as well privately owned medical set-ups and individuals.

We pride ourselves in a pro-customer company culture that keeps us focused on offering the best unparalleled healthcare service provision and management for our clients whenever they need it, wherever they might be.

MAS was founded to tailored turnkey medical support solutions to our clients in the out-of-normal, unfamiliar environments or surroundings.

We team up with our clients to identify their areas of need and adjust to provide focused, effective and efficient health care plans suited best for the situation, location and activity.


Medical Assist Solutions is a specialty healthcare provider with a mission to creating and forging innovative site specific convenient health care solutions to our clients whatever the hour and wherever they may be. Our leadership team is composed of successful and tested healthcare providers who possess an array of experience in both in-patient and out-patient hospital set ups as well as provision of tailored remote on-location health services.

Key to our business acquisition strategy is the strength we invest in forging partnerships and sharing of ideas with our clients. We believe in this way, we can promote good reception of our services and eventually see client base growth, thereby accelerating our overall growth and financial success.
Medical Assist Solutions is strategically placed to be a regional leader in the development and operation of on-site medical clinics as well as placement of medical personnel to run them in remote locations of Kenya, East Africa and Africa at large.

We seek a work environment that enables MAS leadership and workforce to provide high quality, world-class, convenient and flexible health care to suit the needs of our clients.

Leadership and Team

Our on-job experience and past performances are unrivaled.

Our leadership team has a vast array of health care experience, including delivering medical services in remote and austere environments. Our Directors are all are seasoned health care professionals some of whom have HSE know how and qualifications. Our leadership is strongly rooted in and guided by our core values and strives to positively affect the health and well-being of workforces and loved ones of our clients on each and every assignment.

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